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Berlin Gap Year Program for 18+ year olds

2011 Gap Year in Berlin, Germany
Age 18+ years old
Course length From 2 weeks to 12 months
Start dates

Every Sunday - year round

Classes start on Monday


2011 - Jan 1, Apr 22 - 25, May 1, Jun 2, 13, Oct 3, Dec 24 - 26

Classes are not held or made up on these dates; if a holiday falls on a Monday, classes start on the Tuesday

Levels All levels from beginner to advanced
Class size Average of 8 and a maximum of 12 students
Program size 150-250 year round; 450 during the summer months
Age Range 18-25 (49%); 25-30 (21%); 30-45 (20%); 45+ (10%)
Nationality Mix This program attracts students from Western Europe (66%); North America (10%); Eastern Europe (11%);Asia (8%); Latin America (1%); other (4%)

Is this program for you?

The Gap Year Program in Berlin is suited to the student who is looking for a high-quality language immersion program in the heart of a truly cosmopolitan city! The program is ideal for students who want to combine daily German language classes with afternoons, evenings and weekends that are free to join optional activities and excursions or spend time exploring Berlin on their own, with their host family or with new friends. The program is intended for students who are independent, have some travel experience, are comfortable taking public transit, are used to time away from family and are able to effectively manage and advocate for themselves in new and unfamiliar situations. Please see the About Mature Teen & Gap Year Programs page for more information.


Few cities have gone through the kind of dramatic transformation that Berlin has experienced over the past 20 years.  While very little physical evidence of the Berlin Wall exists, memories of it are still alive and people come from all over the world to see a city once again unified after decades of separation.  But little remains of the Berlin that fell to the East of the wall. Areas that were virtual wastelands from 1961 to 1989 are being rejuvenated and the results are exciting for residents and visitors alike!

But Berlin is so much more than the events of modern history. With recent archeological finds dating back to the 12th century, this is a city that has enjoyed a long and, at times, turbulent history reaching one of it's highest points in the 18th century when, under the rule of Frederich the Great, Berlin became one of Europe's most important cities both politically and culturally. Evidence of this vibrant period can be seen in the elegant architecture of famous monuments such as the Brandenburg Gate, the Opera House, the Palace of the Crown Prince and St. Hedwig's Cathedral.  Since then there have been some very dark times but Berlin is re-building itself, literally and figuratively, and is re-gaining it's status as an important European capital.

The School

The school owns and fully occupies a campus of 5 beautifully updated buildings in Kastanienallee, in the heart of trendy Prenzlauer Berg, in what was formerly known as East Berlin. This is an extremely lively neighborhood with fashionable boutiques, art galleries and dozens of restaurants and cafes. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, this has become the "go to" neighborhood for young and hip locals and visitors.

The stunning school facilities include:


The course includes 20 weekly lessons of intensive German instruction with each lesson being 45 minutes in length.

The classes take place each weekday morning from 9 to 12:30 p.m.  Unless you prefer to explore Berlin on your own, after class you  can join the school planned activities which allow you to take in the many sights and sounds of the city with your international classmates. Activities include walking tours, shopping, museum visits,  bike tours, movie nights, beach volleyball, and bar hopping. There are a minimum of 3 planned activities weekly and a full day trip planned every weekend. Full day excursions may include hiking in Brandenburg, canoeing in Spreewald or a trip to Dresden. Entrance fees for museums, etc. are not included in the price. Please see our sample schedule for more information.

We can arrange a number of other programs to suit your interests and language learning needs. Please contact us for more information of the following courses:


All teachers are experienced, extensively trained in teaching German as a second or foreign language and many have master's degrees or equivalent teaching qualifications.  They are known to be firm yet fun and work hard to ensure that you will get the most out of your class time in a full-immersion environment.



The school has studio apartments right on campus (single or double) with private washrooms, kitchen, phone, TV, linen and towels, free Wi-Fi and breakfast.

For general information on residence accommodation please visit our Residence Q & A page.


You will be accommodated with welcoming hosts who are keen to share German culture with you.  Families come in all shapes and sizes from single adults (female) to couples with and without children. Most families live outside central Berlin between 5 and 50 minutes by bus, metro or bicycle. The host family will provide you with a single room, your choice of breakfast only or breakfast and dinner and pick-up and drop off at the airport. If you prefer not to commute back to your host family for dinner you may pre-book dinner at the GLS campus instead of with your host family at no additional cost.

For general information on homestay accommodation please visit our Homestay Q & A page.

Please note: If you are 18 and over and would prefer to stay in an apartment, you can stay in a single room in a shared apartment (flat). All flats are fully furnished and come with sheets and towels. Shared flats have three or more bedrooms and bathrooms are shared with other students. Please contact us for more information.

The following program features are included in the price

For more information or to book this program call us toll-free 1 888 386 1411