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Client Testimonials

Read what our clients thought about their immersion program experiences:

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Teen Residence/Homestay Program in Nice

Kenzie, 17 - "I loved my family. Easily the best part of my stay. I could go on for hours about how wonderful and caring and supportive and fun my family was, but I won't. They were the best family I could've asked for. I much preferred living with my host family to being with the people at the school, simply because it forced me to learn French more quickly. When I was with my family we had lots of fun, and the atmosphere at the school was always positive. The group leaders were wonderful. I felt very comfortable around them, and they were very outgoing and supportive towards me. I really liked the activities. I really liked going to different towns and cities in the area."

Teen Homestay Program in Paris

Cordelia, 16 - "I adored my host family. Every morning there was great food. Lunch was prepared everyday; healthy and delicious. Dinner was always something to look forward to. Each night was something new, special and delicious. The conversations every night really helped me improve my French and were always fun. The apartment was amazing. I felt really safe with them. My teacher was really patient and nice. She improved my vocabulary by 100% and made every class fun. The course in general was a really good experience for me and the daily trips made me comfortable in Paris. My group leaders were very approachable and always made the trips fun. They were always ready to share anything they could about Paris and always talked to us like equals. The atmosphere in one word was, Paris. It was exciting, full of knowledge and fun."

Moira, 16 - "The location was great, my host family was very friendly and helped me with anything I needed. Food was delicious and healthy, and I felt like I was living at home because I had such a warm welcome! The courses were a bit boring but it is class after all! Our teachers were very nice and taught me a lot. They really wanted you to learn and they had fun with different topics to discuss to help us improve our speaking and listening. The group leaders were really great and knowledgeable. Enjoy the Activities: I did! They were all very fun. I loved meeting so many different people and the atmosphere was very relaxed and fun. It allowed me to learn and also make lasting memories with the people I met there."

Teen Residence Program in Paris

Abby, 15 - "The residence was awesome, quad dorms are so much fun! The course had classes in the morning, then we did touring activities in the afternoon. I learned a lot during classes, and I loved touring Paris!! I made the best friends, I miss everyone so much. Some of the best friends I've ever made!!"



Teen Residence/Homestay Program in Spain

Zuzanna, 17 - "My family was really great. It consisted of a woman. She was very nice and helpful. I lived with one student from our course and 3 students from different schools. It was a great fun to be there. We had an amazing chance to get to know the Spanish culture and customs. Literally the best experience ever!The course was also very good. I learned a lot there and the teachers were also very nice and helpful. It was even better than I expected!My group leaders were absolutely great. I already miss them soo much! On the first day, when I arrived at the airport, I was a bit nervous but when I met Ada (the group leader) she was very nice, we talked a lot and I knew it's gonna be great fun there. Also the other group leaders were great, I really, really liked them! The activities were also great. They were fun but also we could get to know the culture, the history...What I also liked was that we had enough free time. It was really good. The atmosphere was amazing."



Teen Host Family Program in Montreal

Martin, 18 - "They were awesome, I truly recommend the host family, because it is a much better experience. The teachers are really friendly and funny, actually funny, not hat fake funny stuff. The best group of guys and girls I could imagine being with!"



Teen Residence Program in Rome

Abby, 16 - "The atmosphere of our B&B was perfect for the trip! Awesome rooming situation, perfect size. Courses were for 3 hrs 30 min in the morning, and I feel like the levels that people were placed in were perfect for each person. I know my level was exactly what I needed, and I learned so much! I loved my teachers, they were so funny and amazingly patient! Both of our group leaders were so funny and chill! "The Italian Way" was their moto!"

Francisca, 16 - "I loved everything about the residence. The course was great for my speaking skills. The teachers were a great help for that because they rarely spoke English, which I think is very important in a process of learning any other language. They managed to make themselves understood in Italian, so, I had to make an effort to understand them, and that was the key to my progress in Italian.The group leaders and other students were very nice!!! Some really different, which was interesting.In Rome, visiting the city, is such a very good and rich activity. Rome makes me richer just by walking through it....The atmosphere of the camp was really nice and chilled! A "learning" atmosphere (if you know what I mean) in many ways: the language, the city, the people (the world!) and, also, me! Meaning that I learnt things about myself during my stay in Rome, AND I THINK THAT'S AMAZING."

Simone, 15 - "It was a very nice venue and location and the courses were informative and the teachers were great. The group leaders were great, I loved the women taking care of us in our residence. Nadia was the best though. The amazing atmosphere was one of the best parts."